Chip and Chick

Just a little illustration in a style I don’t usually use. I have always approached Illustrator with great wariness, but it would be nice to get comfortable with it.

Chipmunk and Chickadee

Chipmunk and Chickadee, Illustrator, 2017

New Postcards!

Chloe illustration preview imageDue to the support of Pixie Trix Comix’s awesome fans, and the hard work of Giz, Dave, Shou, Eisu, T, and Jason the kickstarter for Ménage à 3 Volume 7  was a grand success. Which means Dangerously Chloe 1 will see print! Though I’m no longer producing pages for Pixie Trix, I drew up four postcards to accompany DC‘s printing. You can see them here.
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Passel of Sprites

a crowd of sprites for a visual novel

Some face and outfit variations for Faye, Jeremy, Jackie, and Orla.

I haven’t done much more writing or coding in Ren’Py lately. I’ve been finishing up this site for class and reviewing Javascript in preparation for learning Angular. CodeAcademy’s class has been good for this. I’ve made a couple itty bitty projects in the course of working through it that I might eventually post, if I can refine them.

Today, though, I took the time to make some more sprites for the VN. Now that I’m studying more often than drawing, drawing has become a joy again. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been working on my own stuff lately…?

Learning Ren’Py

Rough screenshot of teens conversing from in-progress visual novel
One of the side projects that’s kept me busy lately is creating a sample visual novel project to teach myself Ren’Py. Ren’Py is a cross-platform storytelling engine built on Python, and the standard for visual novel creators working outside Japan. Continue reading

SPARC Hackathon

At the encouragement of my academic advisor, Tom Brady, I joined up with a team to compete in the upcoming hackathon held by Charleston’s SPARC. This past month has been busy, trying to find team members, learn new programming skills, keep up with regular class work, and find time to work on art.

I’m excited to learning how to build apps, and to compete. I never imagined a year ago I’d be getting ready to do something like this!

New to WordPress

In the past couple months, I’ve been learning to use WordPress in my eCommerce class at Trident Tech. I’ve made a sample website, am currently working on this, my personal website, and look forward to expanding my catalogue of web design work in the future.